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It’s Not Goodbye… It’s See You Soon!

Well the time has come to say goodbye to Campo On The Run. But as the title suggests it’s not goodbye forever. I now have a website – for my branch out as a writer, editor and proofreader. I will continue to blog on my website but the focus will be book reviews, author interviews and other related writing material. BUT if you know me well by now you will know that I do love running, so I will add the occasional running post on there!

Thanks so much for all your support over the past not quite 12 months. I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you and am really looking forward to my next goal of the half marathon in 2014. I would love to stay connected with you, so check out my website. You can also like my Facebook page – Kym Campradt – Writer or follow me on Twitter @KymCampradt.  So see – it’s not goodbye really, it’s see you soon!

Would love to keep in touch, thanks for listening!🙂


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The Raffle Winners!

Another thing you have all been waiting for…

The raffle winners!

Firstly, thank you all so much for your support and donations.  With your help, I have raised $908 for The Cancer Council.  That is over four times more than I thought I would originally raise.  Thank you so much!  It really helped spur me on and give it my all.

Drumroll please…


First prize – Lisa McGarrigle

Second prize – Mel Schmorl


First prize – Elaine Campradt

Second prize – Lynn Campradt

Congratulations to you all!  I will contact you all for delivery.


Thank you Vicki (The Cancer Council) for drawing the raffles!  Thank you also for all your help along the way.  Look forward to helping out again another time.

Thanks again so much for everyone’s support!  I also wanted to say a huge thanks to all the businesses that donated great prizes to make this such a great raffle.  It was such a great experience to be able to raise money for a great cause and I am so thankful to you all for supporting me and this great cause.

Until next time



Did I or Didn’t I???

Apologies for no Facebook posts about my results… It turns out more people wanted to know than I thought!

So I last left you at my last run which was very average to say the least.  There was a lot of doubt during the week and a final session with the physio towards the end of the week.  His prognosis – “well, it won’t collapse or anything but you will have pain.  It just depends how much pain you can take.”  Oh great!


Image Credit

Oh dear – I was hoping this wasn’t going to be me…

By Saturday I was pretty nervous.  I watched my mother-in-law and brother-in-law run great races in the 10km race that day and felt inspired by them going into Sunday.  My only worry was that I walked to and from the car and around during the day and I was sore.  Oh dear, if I was sore just after walking, how was I going to make it running 21.1km the next day.

So after A LOT of stretching, water, Voltaren and pasta I headed to bed early.  A pretty restless night followed with Mr T deciding it was a great idea to come into our bed in the middle of the night, not to mention our dog barking non stop at one point and BW waking up from teething with his eye teeth.  I managed to wake up every 30 mins worried I would sleep through my alarm.

I then decided on the morning to do something I’ve never done before.  I lathered my whole leg from foot to back with Voltaren and took two Panadol before heading off.

It was an easy trip to the race and a bit of waiting and before I knew it I was in the start line.

We were off!  I started running, taking it easy and was surprised that I didn’t have much pain.  I think the Panadol was a great idea.  So passing my little family down the road high fiving them all the way, I was feeling good.  Then running to the half way mark and seeing some more supportive family with more high fives and I was feeling great.  I was prepared for the tough way back but it was actually not that bad.  I pretty much high fived strangers the whole way back to the finish line.  Well in my defence they did have their hands out and most of them were kids…

At the 18km mark I started to feel a bit more pain and started to wonder if I could make it.  Who was I kidding?  I knew that if I had run that far there was no way I was walking…  So I kept on.  Got to about the 19km – 20km mark and this was when the adrenaline really kicked in.  I started sprinting for the last 600m.  Um I know, I have no idea how.  I actually didn’t feel like I was even in my own body.  I did take a sneaky look at my watch and knew I was pretty close to 2:15 so decided to go for it.


Image Credit

This was pretty much what I knew would happen if I stopped.  I knew it would be more painful!

So….. I DID IT!!!  I managed to finish my first half marathon in 2:14.48.  I was very happy with that time and the best thing about the race I enjoyed every minute.  At one point, I was saying in my head “This is amazing!”  I know, I am a little weird.

Thanks so much for all your support.  I have appreciated your motivation to get me through!

PS I am definitely NOT doing the marathon next year – that is just crazy talk but definitely looking forward to doing another half marathon.

PPS I am really sore… Mr T decided it would be hilarious after doing something a little naughty to say “You can’t catch me…” as he ran away.  He is so smart!

Until next time


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The Injury Continues…

So you’re all probably dying to know how I’m going…  Yeah, thought not!😉

I’ll tell you anyway…

Well I went for my 7km run that I was allowed to do by my physio.  Um, it didn’t go so well…  The top of my right foot was hurting pretty much from the get go.  I was hopeful that 20 mins would come and all the pain would go away.  Well it kind of did but then the pain just pretty much went up my whole leg.

There was a huge headwind so even though I was only running at 6:42min/km, maybe I had worked a whole lot harder because the wind was pushing me back where I felt like I was going nowhere.  At one point Runkeeper told me I was running 8:00min/km and I was like “Whaaattt?”  It felt like I was going 5:30min/km so maybe it was just the wind… I’ll just tell myself that anyway.

So the day after I was in a whole heap of pain, from my ankle right up to my back. I had to sit in a meeting for 2 hours and I couldn’t stop wriggling in my seat trying to get comfortable.  So I’m a bit more worried about how I will go in the half. One positive thing I’ve really cleaned up my nutrition so at least that’s not another thing weighing me down (pun intended!)

I’ve been getting a bit worried but I just have to remember that if I can run and finish – that is the main thing!  So I look forward to another physio appointment this week with some more massaging and hopefully some pain relief.

Anyway guess I better go and stretch and ice!

PS Very happy with the fundraising tally – $858!!!  Thank you!

Until next time


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A Run – Yay!

So I went for a run.  It wasn’t a long run, it wasn’t a fast run but it was a run.  3.5km.  I’m pretty particular so when I’m told I can run 3 to 4 km, I have to be exact.  Ha ha – just kidding.  It was a coincidence.  That was just the route I ran…

I felt like I was coldy still and a bit congested.  But then later wondered if it actually was that whole fitness thing.  You know when you start running and you can’t breathe and your chest hurts etc.  Oh dear, I hope I haven’t lost it that quickly…

I was a little nervous in the first few minutes because my knee was sore but I am a 20 minute kind of girl.  I have to be running for about 20 minutes to get into a rhythm.  It’s the funniest thing.  As soon as it hits 20 minutes all niggles and pains I have had, disappear.  So by the end I was feeling good.  I’ve had much less clicking in the knee after too, so I reckon I can do a 7km next.

I’ve been stretching and strengthening so hoping when I visit the physio before the half, he will say how buff I am.  Or maybe just how strong my VMO is, because that’s about the only muscle I will have built up!

Anyway so one week to go!  Not long to go now.  Getting a little exciting…

And… I’ve managed to raise $838 for The Cancer Council so far.  I cant believe it!  I thought $200 and then $500 was a possible target but didn’t think I’d get to that or much over it anyway.  Feeling pretty good!

Until next time



A Physio Encounter

So I had my physio encounter this week.  I was going to say first but technically it’s not.  I’ve been to one once before but my injury was gone so didn’t get to experience the full fun of a physio visit.

Some walking, squatting, pulling and pushing of the knee and I was just hopeful he didn’t have devastating news for me.  It was my lucky day – no structural damage but some soft tissue damage.  The swelling hadn’t gone so I really did a number on my knee when I fell.  I reassured him it was okay to laugh and he did chuckle a little but also clucked in sympathy at the state of the bruises still covering half of my leg.

Next up was a massage which I was thinking “Yesss, what a great idea.”  Cue to some grimacing and gritting of my teeth it wasn’t that enjoyable.  With my face down he couldn’t see my reactions so he kept asking how I was going.  The response “Well I was just trying not to bite my hand” pretty much summed up the pain I was in.  I’m also not used to massage from a man… a little awkward…


Image Credit

Certainly not me… I wore jeans to my appointment (had no idea what I was in for!) 

So overall it was a good visit.  The bad news – no running for the next week but at the next visit that was revised to I could run 3-4km to start off.  Then a rest, then 7km, then a rest, then 7km.  Then I need to rest until the half.  So overall I’ll take that as good news.  I’ve been doing my stretching and strengthening and he saw an improvement in a couple of days so I’m positive it will all be good for the half.

His comment that I might go in “underdone” wasn’t all that welcome but on the positive side, at least I can run and it’s my first one so any time will be a PB.  Yes, I was hoping for under 2:10 and at one stage on my journey was gunning for sub 2 hours but there’s always next year to get faster.  I’ve definitely cut 3-4 minutes off my runs in the last six months so there’s plenty of time for greater records.  Imagine what I can do when I fix up my nutrition to go with it…  (PS I’ve realised that I’ve gained on RP – I’m now only 5 mins behind her for a 10km run… watch out RP ;o)  Oh hang on, at her peak I’m probably still 7 mins…

The biggest lesson of this journey so far:  Be aware of seating boxes when running in the dark…


Image Credit

Oh hang on, it wasn’t that bad.  I was still running horizontally when I fell🙂

PS There’s still a week left to get your raffle tickets or just make a donation.  My current tally is $773, so only $27 away from $800.  I hope I can get there!  A huge thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me emotionally and also supported me financially from all your donations to reach this point!!!  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Until next time



Belief, Sweat and Tears


So it’s about 10 days until I run my first half marathon.  Phew.  It’s so close now.  I’ve started to see the road closure signs go up and watched the Youtube video advertising this great event that is the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.  I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it and have just come to the realisation that I will probably cry when I cross the finish line.  It might be because Mr C has decided to not come and watch… I think he’s just geeing me up.  I hope…

The build up has been intense.  The hours of training.  Throughout the journey I have worked through building up the distances, sickness, sick kids and the big one, belief in myself.  Over the last few weeks with more sickness and a knee injury, the doubt has crept back in, just when I was really starting to feel confident.

I have developed a belief that I have never had in myself before.  Okay I’ll rephrase that – had a belief.  I’m hoping it will magically reappear in the next 10 days.  I’m one of those “I’ll do it tomorrow” sort of people.  Right now, looking at my messy house (we’ll blame the two toddlers under three shall we…  poor boys!) I’m thinking yep, I’ll get more organised tomorrow.  My Mondays are always the jam packed “let’s do this” sort of day.  It doesn’t always work out that way…

But this running and fundraising caper has taught me something.  My initial target for fundraising for The Cancer Council was $200.  Then I thought that doesn’t sound like much, I’ll try $500.  I’m now at $753 with less than two weeks to go and cannot believe the amount of support I have received.  It’s such a great cause and I cannot believe how a little effort really goes a long, long way.

So I can and will run 21.1 kilometres.  Yes, I have set myself a goal time but really all that matters is that I finish and I have fun.  After all that’s what it’s all about!  If I can do that and raise money for a great cause along the way, I reckon I can do a lot more than I think I can.  You know what, I’m off to clean the house…

Until next time,


Image Credit


To Help or Not To Help??

Had a great fun run this week!  10km run after my fall and I was a little worried.  I rested up to make sure my knees were okay.  I set myself a pretty tough goal to beat my longstanding 10km time of 58 mins.  My first kilometre in and I started to panic.  I needed to do 5:45 min/km and here I was at 6:15 for the first kilometre.  So I stepped up the pace to bring myself back on track.

All was going good.  I was puffed and feeling like I had a glass of water sloshing in my stomach.  I had to hold my stomach at one point as I thought the lady in front of me might think I was running with a water bottle.  Yes I had before but not that day!

A few kilometres in and times were looking good.  I had a bit of spare time up my sleeve so knew if I needed to slow a little I could.  By the 6km mark, I had caught up with Afro man (he is this guy with the most amazing afro).  I beat him in the 15km and when I saw him, I thought there’s my target.  I usually pick someone who has something standing out so I can aim for it.

Then I noticed a little boy running in front of me.  I reckon he would have been about 10.  Okay, maybe he was more like 12 but he was running so well.  I had my eye on him then once I’d passed Afro man.  Then as I was running up to the 7km mark I noticed that I now had a 12 year old and an elderly man running right near me.  I was struggling and just kept telling myself, come on you can do this.  Okay, that may have been a bit nice.  I was actually yelling in my head at myself “What, so you’ve come all this way just to lie down and give up?  No, you haven’t!”  Ha ha – the other voice was saying “But it huurrrttsss…”

Anyway so I get to the top of the hill and I’ve passed the elderly man.  Yesssss!  I’m thinking to myself as the 12 year old runs further and further away from me.  I then hear “Oooowwww”.  I turned to see the elderly man clutching his leg.  I asked him if he was okay and he said yes.  I ran on.  Later I had such remorse and felt like a cold, heartless b**** but I had a time to beat… I know, doesn’t really cut it does it?  I checked to make sure the lady behind me had kept running and she had…  I still feel bad…  But I thought to myself I would have wanted another runner to keep running…  Anyway, so he finished not that far behind me, walking and then running the last 20 metres.  Now that’s inspiration right there!


Image Credit

I know… still doesn’t make me feel better

I’m off to pack my bags – going on a guilt trip…

PS I did beat my time though!!  57:01.2 (my watch said 56:53 so I would rather go with that one…) – beat my old time by more than a minute.

What would you have done in that situation?  Stopped to offer help or just keep going?

Until next time


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Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

Now I really ummed and ahhed about posting this.  But after continuously laughing out loud about it in random places (often when the person I’m laughing in front of has no idea what happened and so then starts to look at me like a crazy person…) I have decided it’s just too good not to share.  You need a laugh, right?  Well, here’s hopin’ I deliver.

So RP, PD and I were running on our normal run.  Pitch black and cold, it wasn’t the best start when RP was running and a bat’s wings touched her face as it flew past her… Maybe we should have taken notice of the omen.  Then PD almost broke both our legs when she darted across in front of us and we both almost fell.  Again, omen anyone?

But we refused to listen.  So we’re running along a boardwalk and we know there are seating boxes in the path.  We normally run really cautiously through this spot, often walking so that we don’t fall over them.  Ha, I laugh in the face of danger… apparently…

So running at quite a pace and too busy chatting away, suddenly WHAM!  My knees take the hit and I end up planking on the seating box.  At first, I’m thinking “Did that just seriously happen?” as I’m laughing and crying all at once.  RP took it a little more seriously as she yelled “Oh no” like I had just been killed…  As I stood up, the first questions “Are you injured, can you run?”  All those things that you do not want to answer yes and then no to.  After realising I was sore and scraped, I went on.  I was okay, right?

Laughing the whole way home with RP very worried as I could have been seriously hurt but I think I was still in complete shock.  Think of it this way, I had just been kneecapped…

So anyway off we ran.  I then sprinted home after seeing a few different weird people hanging around so just wanted to get home as fast as I could.  Cue the next few days and I am bruised with a clicking knee…  oh and did I mention sore abs, sore shoulders, sore neck…  It was a big old jar that seemed to reverberate around my whole body.  Or maybe that was just from the sprinting?

No running for me for the rest of the week to make sure it’s not a worse injury than just some jarring.

So I hope you laughed with me as I am still laughing now… I know, I could have been seriously injured but really who doesn’t laugh when someone falls over?  Oh hang on, is that just me who does that???

Image Credit: Youtube Duke Street Hazard – Official

I couldn’t watch the whole video as it was 08:34 long, but you just have to watch at 3:30.  Just the way – belly laughing at your friend who has just fallen over.  This was as far as I could watch as my stomach was too sore…

PS Mr C has since started sending me Youtube videos of people falling over or running into things…

Until next time



Simply the best…

So who runs for two hours when they’re not training for a race in particular…  Who runs 19.16km for no reason really…  (Did you read that???? I ran the furthest I ever have – 19.16km in 2 hours!!)

I’ll tell you who – an awesome RP!  I think as she is packing her bags and heading on a guilt trip (not really… she’s off for an awesome holiday!) as she won’t be here for my first half marathon, she felt the need to support me as much as she could in the last few weeks.

What an amazing lady, bestie, RP, sis and all those things.  Not only has she run with me in the dark and cold when she didn’t have to, she has also run 2 x 2 hour runs with me when she didn’t have to…

Needless to say, I am very thankful as I definitely would not have done some of those training sessions without her.  I have found out a few things – I can run while in fits of laughter (it just hurts and makes you look really funny),  I can run when I think I’ve got nothing left and I can make her laugh just with the mention of raffle tickets (you must know by now that I am hilarious!  PS I bet she’s laughing now).


Image Credit

‘Cos that’s just how we roll…

So while this post was going to be all about my proud achievement of the longest run yet, I felt I needed to give something back and thank the lady who has pushed me, pulled me and just made me do it.  She’s pretty mean, hey?  And I’ve only stood her up a couple of times… It was by accident, really!!

Thanks RP, you’re the best.  Off you go then, on that guilt trip…  No, I hope you have the best time – you deserve it xxxx

In the words of RP, this is what she is…  *insert fist pumps here*  (RP – you can start laughing… NOW!🙂 )

Until next time




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